Why Maintenance Is Required!

Lichen Removal with Low Pressure

Cedar roofs have to be maintained/cleaned in order to last their full lifespan of 40-60 years and to avoid a premature roof replacement.

Cedar does not decay on its own.  Decay is caused by exposure to moisture combined with moss, mold, mildew, lichen, or fungi.

Our non-pressure cleaning process stops the present deteriorating condition by removing the infestations.  The cedar shakes are returned to their intended functioning condition.  Thus, no premature roof replacement or costly repairs will be needed.

The cost of treatment, in most cases, is less that 5-7% of the replacement cost.

We recommend that you have your cedar shake roof cleaned on average about every 7 to 10 years to maximize it's lifespan.

Sullivan Cleaning Process

Sullivan Cleaning Method

Bruce Sullivan is one of the nation's leading experts on Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning. He has developed an innovative Eco-friendly process that cleans and preserves your cedar shakes without toxic chemicals, pressure washing or stepping onto your roof.  View the video or read the highlights of our process.

CedarClean has been trained by Bruce and is an authorized  member of Bruce Sullivan's Certified Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaner's Network serving Southern Ontario.

Our Cleaning Solution Explained


Our Cleaning Solution Is Safe, Non-Toxic And Will Not Harm Your Home, Plants, Or Pets In Any Way

  • Formulated with a Citrus based cleaner

  • Contains a Fungicide, Mildewcide & Algaecide that kills all wood-destroying infestations such as moss, mold, mildew, algae, lichen & fungi.

  • Contains a surfactant soap to help the solution cling to the shakes.

  • Utilizes a Steam Processed Oil (3%) to re-hydrate the shakes. The natural oils in cedar tend to leach out over time causing the shakes to become brittle. Replenishing the oil makes the shakes resistant to moisture, insects and decay.

Power Washer Versus a Non-Pressure Process

We Do Not Use Any Form Of Pressure To Clean Your Cedar Shake Roof

A cedar shake roof should only be cleaned with 'garden-hose' pressure.  In some instances a Pressure Washer can be used. However, pressure MUST be lowered to no more that 300 psi. Anything more, can damage the cedar shakes removing excessive amounts of wood fiber.  Loss of fiber drastically decreases the life expectancy of the roof.

With our process; we spray your roof with our safe, eco-friendly solution using a low-pressure booster pump.  The solution dwells on your roof for about 20 minutes, killing all infestations and then it is rinsed off using only garden-hose pressure.  Every cedar shake is individually rinsed and cleaned!

Heavy Moss Removal

We Do Not Walk On Your Roof.  All Work Is Done From The Safety Of A Ladder

As shakes age, they may become brittle. Walking on the roof can cause extensive cracking of aged shakes and may lead to leaks.

All of our cleaning is done from ladders equipped with safety stabilizers.  If we must get on your roof to access hard-to-reach shakes, we will use a 'chicken' ladder and walk on this.

Plant & Property Protection Explained

Your Plants and Property Are Carefully Protected During The Cleaning Process

Here is what we do:

1.  Our solution is diverted off your property.   We use a run-off system of tubing that is connected to your downspouts.  We divert our solution away from your home to a wooded area, ditch or even the roadway.  This is simply a precautionary measure to ensure that nothing harms your plants.

2.  All plants are pre-rinsed and rinsed during the cleaning process.  In some cases, we will even tarp the plants to protect them.

3.  We clean-up your home before leaving.  We rinse down all decks, walkways and siding, to ensure your home is clean and tidy before we leave.

4.  We clean all windows.  We use a water-fed pole with DI (De-ionization) technology which gives you spot-free, shiny windows!  We do not charge for this service.

Our Cleaning Equipment

Palazzani TZX 225 Tracked Crawler Lift. This lightweight lift has an amazing 34’ outreach, 73’ height capability and narrow enough to enter a 42” gate. This allows us to access most backyards and have enough height and outreach to clean the tallest of roofs!

Ground protection. Although this machine is incredibly light, we also use 4’ x 8’ Ground Pressure Mats to distribute the weight of the machine and ensure no damage occurs to your lawn.