Deck Cleaning - Wood & Composite

Is your deck showing that weathered look?

Watch the video to see how we can clean & restore it!

Cleaning a deck with the Sullivan method - Soft Washing, Non-Pressure

We clean cedar decking, pressure-treated wood and composite materials using our non-pressure process and special, environmentally safe citrus-based solution.

Pressure washing a deck is not the best way to clean it.  Pressure washing does not eradicate infestations such as mold, mildew & algae.  Soft Washing does.  Here is our step-by-step Soft Washing method explained:

  • We spray an enviromentally safe citrus-based cleaner, that contains a Fungicide, Mildewcide & Algaecide onto your deck.
  • The cleaner is allowed to dwell for 15-20 minutes.
  • All infestations such as mold, mildew, algae, lichen and fungi are completely eradicated.
  • We then, gently, rinse off the solution with a LOW pressure booster pump.

Our deck cleaning service includes cleaning all decks, railings, steps and baseboards.  Our cleaning solution will not harm you home, landscaping, pets or children.  

Give us a call to have your deck cleaned and restored to it's original condition!